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Pelvic Floor Dry Needling

Our therapists are certified in pelvic floor dry needling and can administer this tool to support a comprehensive pelvic plan of care.

Pelvic floor dry needling is very much like dry needling in other areas of the body except the needles are placed externally into the pelvic floor muscles, just inside the sit bones. While it sounds painful, it is surprisingly comfortable and very effective for specific conditions such as pelvic pain, incontinence, coccyx pain (tailbone), and other diagnoses. When used for pelvic pain, this technique can help relax pelvic floor muscles and reduce overall pain. Oftentimes the pelvic floor dry needling is tolerated much better than internal manual therapy treatments.

There is very little movement of the needle with pelvic floor dry needling. Most of the time, electrical stimulation is used to impact the nerve and muscles. This type of stimulation is different from most stimulation used in physical therapy as it produces a thumping sensation in the muscle rather than a buzzing sensation like TENS.


Pelvic floor dry needling is not used by itself--it can be an effective tool used in addition to exercise and movement to address dysfunction.

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