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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Out-of-Network?

Health insurance companies typically reimburse providers very poorly in Colorado. Some physical therapy clinics accept low rates of reimbursement and compensate by shortening treatments or providing less one-on-one care. Integral Physical Therapy prefers to maintain a high standard of care by participating In-Network only when it doesn’t compromise quality. It may be less expensive to see another provider who is In-Network with your insurance company, but Integral Physical Therapy offers the best care available in the region.


Why choose Self-Payment?


The self-payment option allows patients to receive physical therapy services without the typical restrictions on care that are imposed by insurance companies. This is a good option for when you don’t have out-of-network benefits with your insurance or when you don’t expect to meet your deductible this year. Self-payment is frequently the least expensive way to receive physical therapy services if you have a high deductible insurance plan. 


Why isn’t Integral PT In-Network with all insurance companies? 

Many health insurance companies refuse to allow additional providers into their network. These companies claim that they have enough providers in their network and choose to restrict access to care. Please contact your health plan if you would like to have more in-network providers near your home. 

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