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Neurologic Rehabilitation

Neurologic physical therapy can help improve function and movement for patients suffering a range of neurological disorders. 


Neurologic physical therapy involves detailed examination and evaluation of the human movement system to identify and address impairments related to illness or injury to the nervous system.


Physical therapy can help to restore mobility, function and independence. Physical therapy can even increase your safety by improving balance and reducing fall risk. In fact, physical therapy for clients with Parkinson's’ Disease has been shown to reduce falls from 53% to 20%.*

Some of the neurologic conditions we treat:

  • Head injury (Concussion)

  • Vestibular disorders and dizziness

  • Stroke

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Parkinson’s Disease 

  • Neurogenic pain

* Georgy E, Barnsley S, Chellappa R. Effect of physical exercise-movement strategies programme on mobility, falls and quality of life in Parkinson’s disease. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation 2012; 2012: 88-96.

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