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Foundations of Our Business

The mission, vision, and values we strive to achieve every day.


Our Mission

To care for our patients as we would our own families.


Our Vision

With exceptional service and evidence-based care we serve everyone within our communities in a warm, comforting environment.


Our Core Values - Conscious Capitalism

With exceptional service and evidence-based care we serve everyone within our communities in a warm, comforting environment.

  1. Higher purpose
    We provide the highest quality professional physical therapist services with consideration for all of our stakeholders. We believe in caring for the under-served and promoting wellness and self-efficacy. In a healthcare system where money drives how care is delivered, we believe that our patients come first.


  2. Stakeholder orientation
    a. Our patients will receive one-on-one care from empathetic, licensed providers.
    b. Our co-workers are entitled to a workplace where they feel cared for and valued.
    c. Our referral sources can expect their patients to achieve superior results delivered by expert-level providers.
    d. Our community supports us and it is our responsibility to reciprocate.
    e. Our payers require us to be good stewards of healthcare dollars.
    f. Our students, residents and fellows are the future of our profession and their development is our duty.
    g. Our profession needs our therapists to commit our time and resources to the American Physical Therapy Association.
    h. Our business partners/suppliers help contribute to our success and we strive to provide mutual benefit in exchange.
    i. Our planet is a precious resource and conscious businesses must take the lead in its protection.


  3. Conscious leadership
    The leadership of Integral Physical Therapy understands the great responsibility that comes with a business that cares for people’s health and wellbeing. We recognize our own fallibility and strive for excellence in our personal and professional lives through servant leadership and a commitment to our stakeholders.


  4. Conscious culture
    We are guided by the following principles and practices

    1. Love, care and trust

    2. Accountability

    3. Integrity

    4. Loyalty

    5. Fairness

    6. Personal and professional growth

    7. Transparency

    8. Egalitarianism

  5. Our commitments

    1. We will put the needs of our patients ahead of profit and self-interest.

    2. We will donate at least 2% of our annual profits to local groups and charities.

    3. We will mentor students, residents and/or fellows every year to elevate the quality of care within the healthcare system.

    4. We will be carbon neutral by 2025

    5. We are currently powered by renewable energy

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