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Elizabeth Lenz, BA

Director of People, Culture, & Compliance

Liz developed a passion for working with people at a young age. As a speech language pathologist, her mom was the first to show her the benefits of occupational therapy and the thrill that can come from helping others. This young passion turned into not only the love of working with people, but also learning from and about people, which fused with another passion for art. Liz graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Art History and a Minor in Anthropology and has an extensive background in studio arts. These combined interests have sparked a new desire to learn more about art therapy and different kinds of therapies in general.

Liz has had personal experience with physical therapy, having torn her achilles tendon running in high school. She looks forward to working at Integral and learning more about the physical therapy world. In her spare time she loves being outside and active with her dogs, experiencing art in all its forms, and spending time with her significant other, Janzen, and the rest of her large family.

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