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What is Coccygodynia?

Coccygodynia or tailbone pain can be an extremely painful condition that can be disabling or cause difficulty walking and performing other normal activities. Often, it is while seated that the pain of coccygodynia is most significant. It is described as a localized and painful, pulling sensation that can also radiate to the buttocks, lumbar, thighs, and sacrum as it supports the weight of the upper body.


The most common cause of a tailbone injury is an accidental fall (especially falling down stairs) that results in a direct blow to the tailbone. But, it can also happen during sports such as skiing, skating, and snowboarding, and when participating in contact sports. Repetitive-type motions or constant friction can also cause a painful tailbone, and this is often seen in long-distance bicycling or rowing.

An injury to the coccyx area can also occur during childbirth when the female pelvis is broader and the coccyx is exposed. Childbirth can overstretch soft tissue like ligaments and muscles that are connecting your pelvic and backbones. Having a child is one of the leading causes of coccygodynia.

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