Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


Sports physical therapy starts during the offseason with a detailed biomechanical analysis to identify risk factors for injury. At this point, a sport-specific exercise prescription can minimize the risk of future injuries.

Athletic injuries demand specialized rehabilitation with a therapist who understands the specific physical and psychological demands of each sport. As athletes ourselves, we have a strong background in the management of sports-related injuries. We understand the need for a safe and rapid return to competition, performance and the activities that you love. 

Along with prevention and rehabilitation, physical therapy can also help to enhance performance through improved coordination, speed, endurance, power and balance.

These are some of the services that we offer:
    •    Injury prevention screening and exercise
    •    Sport-specific strengthening
    •    Speed and agility training
    •    Plyometrics
    •    Manual therapy
    •    Therapeutic taping and bracing
    •    Neuromuscular re-education
    •    Return to sport testing
    •    Athletic performance enhancement