Nina Carson, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy




Nina’s initial plans of becoming a wildlife biologist were side-tracked by her inquisition for injury prevention while running in college. This led Nina to studying running energetics and biomechanics at Humboldt State University where she obtained her M.S. in exercise science. Nina’s plans of pursuing academia shifted again as an assistant cross country and track coach at Humboldt State. 

These experiences led Nina to receive her doctorate in physical therapy from Regis University in 2019. While at Regis, Nina studied clinical predictors of running related injuries. Outside of Nina’s research background, her clinical experiences have fostered interest in diverse areas. These include pain neuroscience, pelvic health, and management of post-concussion symptoms among others. Nina also enjoys treating the spine and has worked alongside multiple fellowship trained therapists.

As a Colorado transplant, Nina learned to value the outdoors while growing up in the redwoods of Northern California. Nina currently strives for blissful mediocrity in the stereotypical hobbies of cycling, skiing, and climbing in addition to running with her dog, Shasta.